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The Genuine G.I Sun, Wind & Dust Goggles are GSA compliant / ANSI Rated and are designed to protect against sun, wind and dust. The military goggles come equipped with two pairs of non-ballistic lenses in Grey and Clear (Grey-.090" Polycarbonate Class 4 NSN: 8465-01-004-2891. Clear-.090" Polycarbonate Class 3 NSN: 8465-01-004-2892 Adheres to FNS PD/96 Standards), the interchangeable goggle system features sturdy snap fasteners that allow the lenses to be easily changed. Additional features of the tactical goggles include a breathable rubber frame with dust covers to ensure comfort and adaptability, mildew resistant elastic webbing with 3/4 hard brass slide for size adjustments.

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